> The Get out of your skull art project, is a corona proof, non-subsidized, artists for artists initiative with the participation of an international group of 64 artists from 20 countries, initiated and curated by Ron Weijers for the 10dence platform.

My skull:

‘Conspiracies to the bone’
Spraypaint and markers

By now we all know at least one: a big time conspiracy thinker. Always comes with phrases like: ‘think for yourself, do you own research and connect the dots’.
Between the conspiracies there can be some noise because everyone can get distracted once a while. Like a full body tattooed person with a ‘deep story’ about every single tattoo; trying to present it as one overall theme but there a just too many loose ends.
But if you shoot a lot, there will be a hit at some point. ‘Told you so’… What if the growing group of conspiracy thinkers are the conspiracy itself? The new world orderd disguised as a innocent group of lunatics to easily infiltrate our society. Now that’s something to get out of your skull with. Take a close look at all the conspiracies and the (non) connections and let them burn into your own skull.

Status: Exhibition is finished, skull is sold