The old shopping centre next to ‘Kijkduin beach’ will be demolished in October 2019. Until this date Ringo, and 5 other artists, got ‘carte blanche’ from FRED developers (the owner) to paint every wall, roof, window or floor in this mall. Curator Miranda Lantink from ML Designers linked the developer to the artists and decided that the theme for the murals should be ‘plastic pollution’. Ringo and the other artists (Patrick Artdrenaline, Jill ‘Shake’ Martens, SOGO and Recycle warrior) are allowed to use the abandoned shops as studio space for the time being. In the meantime they invite other artists to come over and paint murals within their plastic pollution theme. Hereby a small selection of the murals Ringo did at Kijkduin. We gained a lot of media attention with this project, see the embedded item from a local channel.

The second mural/image is a collaboration with Artdrenaline and 'Shake'.

The project is called ‘Street Art City’, see